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He is back.. Empty He is back..

Post  GM Beach on Thu Jan 15, 2009 12:43 pm

Beach is sitting in his chair, looking out from his window and relaxing.

Beach: Ahh Finally, the contracts are in order and S.W.E is returning from a break next week. It sure will be fun. I had some fun with that Fedo guy last time, beating him up, making sure his tag team couldn't compete for the Unholy Alliances tag belts.. I hear the rumors that he wants his revenge on me. So I have already booked him against me on the first S.W.E Show. This will be sweet.

Beach: Things are just getting good now, I've filled the locker room with fresh wrestler meat, some might just become real S.W.E Stars in the future. Only time will tell..

Beach leans back.

Beach: Oh well until wednesday I'le be over at the gym, making sure that I am in Top shape. I.W.O won't end victorious when they mess with me. Well, this is going to be a great season, don't you think so?

Beach looks over at the shadows.

Vincent: It sure will..
GM Beach
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